We’re Making Aging the Best It Can Be

Dec 9, 2020

September 16, 2020

In March 2016, Southwest Missouri Office on Aging officially became SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging. This fresh rebranding has helped people more easily understand who we are and who we serve. Sixty plus, Aging in the Ozarks, and Golden Agers were just a few of the possibilities that made the cut.  Birds soaring in the sky. Hearts held close in hand. Rainbows and butterflies.  Then it came to us.  SeniorAge.

We kept the word “age” in our title because we believe age is something to celebrate. Whether it be child age, teenage, driving age, voting age, or senior age, we want to embrace life’s journeys alongside you.

Our name doesn’t have a lot of “fussy” in it that might quickly become outdated and our fresh logo clearly casts a shade of diversity (leaves) in the folks we serve, mixed with our forward motion in services to seniors (path). It’s as exciting as fireworks filling the sky, yet represents the changing stages in life just as leaves change with each season.

We didn’t stop there. We also needed refreshment, just as everyone needs at some time in their life.  We wanted to engage you by offering exciting new programs, improved services, and endless opportunities for volunteering. We continue our commitment to you by introducing exciting possibilities across our miles.

In a world without COVID, our door is always open for you to join us as your journey evolves. You’ll always be greeted by friendly staff; receive a warm, nutritious meal; and have opportunities to engage in activities that are bound to make your day better.  For more information contact SeniorAge at 417-862-0762, visit our website at www.senioragemo.org or contact the local Senior Center nearest you.

Follow us in our journey and we’ll stand alongside you in yours.
We’re Making Aging More Engaging for you!

George Bernard Shaw said it best. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” 


  1. I love the simplicity and celebration of our new name!

  2. I am excited to share what is offered through SeniorAge. They do great things for the seniors in our Communities.

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    • HI Denice, what can we help you with?


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