Clowns, Spiders, and Storms….o my!

Apr 1, 2024

Clowns, spiders, storms. What do they have in common? They are all things that cause fear in many people. Imagine a storm that brought spiders in clown makeup. Now that’s just fun! I have a friend who cringes and looks for the exit at the mere mention of clowns. Another friend, ok…my sister, (don’t tell her I told you) is terrified of the thought of snakes. I showed her a picture of a snake on my phone, and she screamed and put her feet up in the seat. It was a picture!!!

We all have irrational fears, but we often allow circumstances that should concern us to become large irrational fears. Take retirement, for instance. When we are in our “working” years, we should actively plan for our retirement years. But, life happens. Sometimes, we put off saving to increase our take-home pay. Sometimes, we have a low-income job that doesn’t allow for savings. Or, possibly, you have had to reduce or quit work to care for a loved one and live off of your savings for a time. That last one is my story.

So what do you do if you find you are in your Golden Years and have more years than gold?

The first thing is not to panic. Anxiety can lead to poor decisions. Poor decisions will only lead to more financial stresses that lead to more anxiety and then you find you have hopped on to a “not-so-merry-go-round.”

The next big step is to reach out for help. Call your local Agency on Aging. They will assess your current finances and determine if you are eligible for available benefits that could reduce your monthly expenses. If you live in south central Missouri, call SeniorAge at 417-862-0762. There are government programs that could really help out.

You could also contact a financial advisor and lay out the numbers. An advisor can help you see your finances clearly and without much of the emotion we assign them. They can help you create a plan and advise you on living within your existing income.

Another step to consider is getting a part-time job. If you have kept your career skills sharp, you could take on a position within your industry that will bring supplementary income and have the added benefit of giving you a reason to get out around other people. I have a friend, ok…my Dad, who retired and, three months later, took on a smaller, lower-stress job. That led to a bigger job. Finally, he decided actually to retire….and took a part-time seasonal job because he wanted the activity and interaction. He was happier and healthier and supplemented his income. You may want to consider a side hustle. Are there skills you have that are in demand within your community? I have seen dog walkers, quilters, personalized t-shirt creators, and many other hustles used to create extra income.

The bottom line is this: Get help and get busy. You may not be able to take on a job or a side hustle, but you can ask for help. The satisfaction of having a plan can do a lot to decrease anxiety and help you work on living a happier and healthier life.

But if it starts raining clown spiders…you are stuck with the anxiety. Where can I get this made into a movie? Maybe I could use “movie ideas” as a side hustle!  …No?… I’ll keep thinking.


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  1. Loved loved reading Clowns, Spiders, and Storms!!! Great piece of writing! 👍


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