Senior Centers!

Feb 1, 2024

What a time to be alive! Improvements in healthcare are happening daily. We are gaining more knowledge on what makes up a healthy lifestyle. We are staying more active later in life. Our life expectancy keeps growing and our “golden” years keep getting pushed further ahead.

Along with increased longevity come several societal challenges. Our population has an increased number of seniors who planned for retirement but didn’t plan for “this much retirement”.  As the cost of living increases, many struggle with housing and nutrition. We also live longer with health conditions that pose limits to our mobility, energy, and ability to perform basic tasks.  Loneliness and depression impact our quality of life like never before.

Senior Centers strive to meet these struggles and improve the lives of older adults. Senior Centers provide a multitude of resources by offering affordable meals, activities, educational programs, and fellowship opportunities.

For many older adults, like Karie Borton, Senior Centers are a lifeline to healthy living and mental health. She says, “I can’t stand it when the Center is closed. I miss people. I need the connection.”

Roma Booker, Senior Center participant and volunteer, agrees with Karie’s comments and adds, “In small towns like ours, there is not a lot to do except go to the library. The Senior Center offers activities and affordable meals.”

Since the pandemic, many have felt the isolation and loneliness of having to quarantine. Now that the world is opening up again, senior adults are craving social engagement. Joyce Watkins has been attending a Senior Center since 1994.  Joyce says, “I just love the people. The meals are affordable and it’s a great place to meet and talk to friends.” Barry, Joyce’s husband, chimes in his support, “It keeps Grandma off the streets!”

Elaine Haemker, volunteer Activity Director at Houston Senior Center in Houston, MO, reflected on the participants at her Center. “We are seeing a lot of people from outside of the area. Especially for activities. They come to play cards for the social activity. They come because it’s warm when it’s cold outside. They come because the meal is affordable and it gives them an opportunity to get out.”

Senior Centers impact their communities by being a one-stop shop when it comes to resources for older adults. Seniors can contact local senior centers for meal delivery if they are unable to shop or cook for themselves. Centers also connect older adults to help with Medicare, wellness classes, tax assistance, scam/fraud awareness, resources for caregivers, and many more services.


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