Do you want to contribute positively to your community? Whether you have only a couple of hours each month or more time each week, volunteering with SeniorAge and our associated Senior Activity Centers can make a substantial impact. Explore the volunteer options we offer below, or contact us at (417) 862-0762 to discover how you can participate.

Additionally, visit to discover more thrilling opportunities within our organization. When you are ready to volunteer, fill out our online application below:

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As a volunteer, you will develop new skills, expand your social network, and enjoy benefits like:

  • Flexible hours
  • Training and ongoing staff support
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Liability insurance

Volunteer In One of Our Senior Activity Centers

Our Senior Centers allow volunteers to find meaningful opportunities to help people in their communities by assisting in areas that make an impact in our daily operations. Each of our 36 senior centers relies on volunteers for day-to-day operations and to provide assistance and expertise in the areas of education, fundraising, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and recreation.

Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Setting up and maintaining the beverage station.
  • Serving as hosts in the dining room.
  • Packaging meals for home delivery.
  • Counting daily meal contributions.
  • Delivering hot and frozen meals to at-risk seniors in their own homes.
  • Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.
  • Serving lunch.

Home-Delivered Meal Drivers

This volunteer opportunity offers you the chance to make a difference in the lives of the frail elderly as you deliver hot meals each weekday. The delivery also gives you a chance to check in on our homebound seniors to ensure they are all right. You may be the only person they see in a day and your smiling face is a reminder that someone cares.  We maintain flexible schedules, all you need is commitment to serving others.  Mileage reimbursement is also available.

Wellness Coaches

Our wellness coaches can train you to lead exercise programs targeted specifically to seniors, people with limited mobility, or those living with arthritis. You need not be a fitness buff, and leading these courses could give you the motivation and discipline to improve your own fitness.  Programs include Matter of Balance/Falls Prevention, Diabetes Education, Chronic Disease Self Management Programs, and Walk with Ease.

Program Assistants and Greeters/Front Desk Attendants

If you like to meet and greet people, consider volunteering at the front desk of your local senior center. If you have a particular interest in one of our programs (Medicare counseling, nursing home ombudsman, tax counseling, arts and crafts, etc.) we have a place for you.

Other SeniorAge Opportunities Available

Silver-Haired Legislators

Individuals have the opportunity to serve as the SeniorAge delegation to the Silver-Haired Legislature, a volunteer group of individuals who advocate for seniors while the Missouri Legislature is in session. The delegation meets in August of each year to determine the five most important legislative priorities in this area and then joins the larger Silver-Haired Legislature in Jefferson City in October to determine the five statewide priorities. The Silver-Haired Legislature aims to keep the priorities of older Missourians at the forefront of Missouri’s lawmakers’ decision making.


SeniorAge continues to seek volunteers in the areas of Tax Counseling, administration, and board positions. Call 417-862-0762 for opportunities and information.