One of the Older American Act’s (OAA) foundational principles is that the programs and services created to help support consumers in their homes and communities are customized to meet their individual needs. There is nothing one-size-fits-all about AAAs or the services they offer their clients! SeniorAge offers a variety of resources that help guide seniors and caregivers through the many stages of the aging process.

The roles of an Area Agency on Aging set forth by the OAA include:

  • Assess community needs and develop and fund programs that respond to those needs;
  • Educate and provide direct assistance to consumers about available community resources for long-term services and supports;
  • Serve as portals to care by assessing multiple service needs, determining eligibility, authorizing or purchasing services and monitoring the appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of services;
  • And demonstrate responsible fiscal stewardship by maximizing use of public and private funding to serve as many consumers as possible.

The average AAA offers more than a dozen additional services. The most common non-core services offered by AAAs are:

  • Assessment for long-term care service eligibility Information and referral/assistance/outreach
  • Fiscal intermediary for self-directed services
  • Options counseling
  • Care transitions services

Additionally, SeniorAge offers offers many additional education programs that are beneficial for healthy, independent living including, wellness classes, driving classes, Medicare enrollment, tax counseling, and access to insurance options as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.