We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

Mar 1, 2024

My story is very similar to many other people’s stories. A loved one’s condition reaches a point where they need additional assistance from you or other family members. I noticed over time that my wife would not have much to say after her doctor’s visits. I asked her about this, and she explained, with tears in her eyes, that she didn’t understand much of what the doctor was saying and was struggling to remember the vast amount of information the doctor was communicating. Further conversation revealed that it was not a cognitive difficulty causing her problem. The problem was fear. The visits were causing her anxiety, resulting in her brain locking out the “offending” information.

It was time to seek additional help. I began to accompany her to doctor visits. I was able to take notes, offer questions on her treatment, and, more importantly, support her through a difficult time. Sometimes, I could not go to visits due to work, so I was able to recruit family members who lived close by to assist her.

Our predicament is common among many seniors today. Sometimes, though, there isn’t a family member nearby that can help. Occasionally, the family that does live nearby can’t assist due to a job or other family commitments. There is a solution. SeniorAge offers a Patient Companion Program for those in Greene County who need assistance at medical appointments. These heroes are volunteers who undergo vetting and training to ensure they provide appropriate services. They can be a listening ear, an advocate, or an emotional supporter in times of need.

The cost of this service? It’s free! Now that’s pretty affordable!

Seniors will be provided the support they need to tackle their condition confidently, while family members can be assured that their loved one is treated with dignity. They are also assured they can receive the information they need from the visit to support their loved one adequately.

If you or someone you love would like to participate in the Patient Companion Program, please call Sara Nuxoll at 417-868-9515. If you want to volunteer for this program, don’t hesitate to contact the same number. It’s all free! It’s all confidential.



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