Our Patient Companions are dedicated volunteers committed to optimizing your healthcare journey. We prioritize facilitating clear communication between you and medical professionals by diligently taking notes, remembering your questions, and documenting crucial medication or treatment updates. Whether you’re in the waiting area or undergoing a medical procedure, count on us to be your reliable companion every step of the way.

What Services Do Our Patient Companions Provide?

  • Accompanying eligible seniors aged 60 and above to medical appointments in Greene County
  • Offering emotional support and building relationships with patrons
  • Taking detailed notes and capturing instructions from healthcare providers
    Facilitating effective communication between patrons and medical professionals

What Benefits Do Participating Seniors Receive?

  • Comprehensive assessment to determine program eligibility and explore additional services
  • Assistance with scheduling medical appointments
  • Support in arranging transportation, if required*
  • Pairing with a trained, background-checked companion who respects confidentiality
  • Enhanced engagement with medical staff
  • Better adherence to medical care recommendations
  • Exceptional service that goes above and beyond.

What Do Medical Staff and Healthcare Facilities Gain?

  • Increased patient compliance with treatment plans
  • Reduced unnecessary follow-up appointments or readmissions
  • A trusted advocate reinforcing and endorsing care directives

Important Information:

  • Participants must be 60 years of age or older.
  • Medical Appointments must be in Greene County.
  • Companions cannot provide transportation, but the Program Coordinator can provide resources and possible assistance in arranging transportation.

Eager to Learn More? Contact Sara at 417-868-9515 to discover how our Patient Companions can transform your healthcare experience.