In-Home Services

Most seniors want to maintain as much independence as possible for as long as they are able to do so. In-home services help you do just that. Whether you live alone, with family or friends, or in a retirement community,
you may receive in-home services. Needs vary from person to person and change as we age. An emergency pendant or the installation of grab bars may be all that is needed to increase your safety and independence.
For others, a nutritious meal, help bathing, or assistance with household chores may be important.

Many senior living communities offer a continuum of care, sometimes called “step care” or “progressive” care facilities. They offer a wide range of options, all the way from independent living to special care. Residents are usually admitted when they live independently. As their needs increase, residents are able to transfer to other areas of care within the community.

When determining your needs, it is also important to know what help is not available. Generally, home maintenance and yard work is not regularly available except on a private-pay basis. Also, if you need assistance or supervision around the clock, that level of help is only available on a private pay basis and you might find it cost prohibitive. We can provide you with an Independent Provider List so you can check out your options.

Lastly, you may feel isolated and lonely living alone even when other needs are met.  Social needs do not disappear as we age and are an important consideration when determining your personal needs.