Would you like to accompany a senior to their doctor’s appointment? You could serve as a SeniorAge Patient Companion, a program designed to provide trained volunteers to accompany older adults to medical or health-related appointments and procedures. As a volunteer, you will provide support, assistance, and a sense of security especially if the senior is alone or family caregivers aren’t available. The goal – helping patients navigate and maximize the benefits from their health care appointments.

Why Patient Companions are important
– Only 15% of patients fully understand what health care providers tell them.
– 65% of the time doctors neglect to mention the side effects of new medications.
– 50% of patients leave the provider’s office uncertain of what to do next, or how to take care of themselves.

With support, patients are 50% more likely to be satisified with their doctor’s ability to give information, and 30% more likely to be satisfied with their physician’s interpersonal skills. The Patient Companion Program focuses on facilitation of communication between health care providers and older patients, Every companion volunteer is screened for trustworthiness and a background check is performed to ensure safety. Furthermore, companions use thorough, detailed, standardized forms for recording information from the appointment. Companions also assist older adults so their health-related concerns are suitable heard and addressed.

Interested in Volunteering? Volunteers must:
• Participate in a two-hour Partner training before embarking on any appointments with clients
• Have daytime availability
• Have excellent communication skills
• Be highly organized
• Be comfortable in a medical office
• Pass requisite background checks

Training sessions are held several times throughout the year. For more information, contact Larry Lovig at la*********@se*********.org.

Signup to Volunteer!

Interested in Participating? Participants will:
• Receive an assessment to determine eligibility
• Have help with making appointments
• Have help with arranging transportation, if needed
• Be paired with a trained, confidential partner
• Experience “above and beyond” care—the kind of care you already associate with SeniorAge!

To participate, contact SeniorAge at 417-862-0762 and inquire about our Patient Companion Program.