Caregiving has many faces. An adult child who oversees a parent’s well being from another state is a long-distance caregiver. You may be a caregiver to a spouse, parent, sibling, or other loved one. Your caregiving role may be a warm, fuzzy hour voluntarily offered, or a 24/7 role that becomes emotionally draining and physically exhausting.

SeniorAge helps link caregivers to information about available services, provide assistance in gaining access to services in your community, and provide opportunities for respite care. The most important consideration for a caregiver is taking care of your own need for social stimulation, emotional support, physical relaxation, and restoration. Failing to meet your needs is not a horrible sacrifice. You are an ailing spouse’s greatest asset. Recognize your needs and put them high on your list of priorities.

Respite Care

Respite is care provided to a loved one which allows the caregiver time to attend to personal needs.

Respite can be for a couple of hours or for longer periods of time. Some skilled nursing facilities offer respite care on a temporary basis at their daily rate. We can provide lists of agencies and individuals in your area that can provide this service and give assurance that your loved one is in good hands when you must be away.

Private Pay Options

If you can afford to increase your comfort as you age, give yourself permission to do so.

An investment in your comfort, health, and safety is a wise one and may be more affordable than you think. Purchasing a few hours of in-home service once a week can enhance your quality of life for the remainder of your week. Don’t deny necessities or comforts you can afford.

Ask for help.

Good things can happen when we reach out to friends, family neighbors, or your church family. They may be happy to help out, or know someone who can help.

Share the cost.

Extended family members may welcome the opportunity to pool their resources and share in the cost of purchasing a few hours of in-home service. Even a few hours can make all the difference. Sharing costs in this way is an affordable way for family members to enable a loved one to remain at home. It can also make a great birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s/Father’s Day gift.

Independent Provider List

SeniorAge maintains a list of independent providers offering in-home help in the Greene and Christian county areas.

Services provided include housekeeping, personal care, companionship, and errands. This list is updated regularly and provides contact information for each provider. Hourly rates vary but independent providers are generally a more cost effective option than going with an agency. Providers have been interviewed by SeniorAge staff, and background checks have been completed through the Missouri Division of Senior Services Family Care Safety Registry. Always request references and be sure to check them.

Contact SeniorAge at:

417-862-0762 or toll free at 1-800-497-0822 to request a copy of this list.

Home health agencies provide in home services on a private pay basis. Home Health Agencies may be a more costly option, but they have other benefits as well including options for nurse or therapist visits.