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We are the voice for all seniors! Your Area Agency on Aging advocates for people just like you and your neighbors—those who want to retain as much independence as possible as you age. Read the stories on how your Area Agency on Aging saves lives.

Have Medicare Questions?

We have expert help available to guide you through the Medicare maze.

Caregiver Support

We recognize the important role caregivers like you play in our community. Through our family caregiver support program, we can help you access community services and resources designed to make your caregiving easier while respecting the independence and dignity of your loved one.

Tax Preparation Assistance

Our Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program (TCE) helps individuals age 60 and over file simple tax returns, apply for property tax credits and renters rebates at no cost to you. Trained volunteers go to work for you!



No matter your age, good nutrition is essential for good health.

We have meal options for you!

Scams & Fraud

SeniorAge staff works diligently to educate you how to identify and protect yourself from becoming a victim of scams and fraud. Each month we feature the latest scam reported from the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP).

Our Monthly Feature

New Guy Blogging

New Guy Blogging

Hi! I’m new here. Ok, I’m not, like, shiny new, but you haven’t seen my name on here much. My friend Juli has been handling this blog for a long time. She is a true professional and does wonderful work. Recently, she handed that duty off to me, which led me to...

Hybernation Ends Today!

Hybernation Ends Today!

Spring is finally here! The bunnies are hopping, the birds are chirping, and the bears are starting to look or food…as evidenced by the holes in the top of my metal trash can. If the bears are coming out of hibernation, perhaps it’s time for us to break out of our...

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet John, our first interviewee for our Golden Anniversary spotlight on Seniors. It wasn’t until about two months ago that John discovered that the Monett Senior Center actually served lunch. Since, he’s been a frequent flyer (well, rider). He loves the food and the...