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Senior Center Boards

Senior Center Board works with SeniorAge in many ways to determine what services are needed and how to best deliver them to the local community. They serve as an advisory council to SeniorAge; they extend the capacity of SeniorAge by adding on senior programs and services that SeniorAge cannot fund; they fundraise to help support the expenses of operating a senior center; and they own their own building and serve as the leasing manager.

SeniorAge employees and local senior boards need good lines of communication to assure the most effective outreach to seniors within the community. To maintain a balance of power, neither has authority over the other. SeniorAge and local senior center boards are separate 501(c) 3s. SeniorAge works with each facility under a service provider contract.

To be fairly representative of their seniors, it is recommended that Senior Center Advisory Boards have a minimum of nine members. The majority of members should be a least 60 years of age or older. These members are elected by regular participants at the center. (Regular participants are defined as individuals who participate in the center’s activities.)

If you are interested in serving on your local Senior Center Advisory Board, contact your Center Administrator or current Board President for information.

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