Community Outreach Turns “Blue Eye Blues” to Sunshine

Mar 27, 2023

Launching outreach meals and presentations in new community locations presented a few struggles during the first two Blue Eye events.  Several of the attendees came from other counties, and across the Arkansas line. Even though we could not offer them Stone County services, we were still able to answer general Medicare questions and provide resource information.

Through contact at one outreach meal, however, we were able to provide help to “Mr. Lewis.” It was actually his senior-age children who attended that day. Their father, Mr. Lewis, was in rehab at the time with a broken hip and was to be coming home very soon. They were anxious that his home, where he wanted to keep living, wouldn’t be comfortable or safe for him. To help with the concerns, our Care Team purchased him a lift chair and had it at his house that very week.  We also provided a shower chair and other safety equipment to improve his home setting.

At one point, the family felt they had no option but to override Mr. Lewis’s wishes and insist he live with one of them, but thanks to the Stone County Senior Service Fund Board’s help we were able to make a wonderful difference in maintaining quality of life in his own home.  Jackie, our Care Team colleague, also helped Mr. Lewis apply for additional benefit programs that will extend his watchcare and help.

Now, the entire family – sisters, brothers and cousins, (all seniors) – attend the outreach meal events.  Before, they knew nothing about the partnership of SeniorAge and the Stone County Senior Services

foods in dirty hands

Board.  Now, they do.  And they are so grateful.