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Ever heard the old saying "laughter is the best medicine?" Well, it's true!  That's why SeniorAge jumped on the laughter bandwagon - to help you bring therapeutic laughter into your life.

You can earn a respected credential - Certified Laughter Leader - in a two day workshop. Contact SeniorAge for details on becoming an expert at laughting matters.

Health Benefits of Laughter - Every Laugh Matters!

  • Cobats Respiratory Infections
  • Reduces Pain
    Releases endorphins to provide pain relief.
  • Relaxes Muscles
    Muscular tension and laughter are imcompatible
  • Positive Mental Function
    Changes perspective with improved mood
  • Changes Perspective with Improved Mood
    Through cario-vascular efficiency
  • Helps the Body Fight Infection
    Liberates numerous immune boosters
  • Improves Tissue Function and Growth
    Supplies nutrients and oxygen to tissues
  • Happiness Linked to Longevity
    Live a longer, more fulfilled life.

World Laughter Tour, Inc., is the brainchild of psychologist and self-proclaimed “Joyologist” Steve Wilson, who describes his role as “Cheerman of The Bored.” The creation of World Laughter Tour was an idea that came to him during a 1998 lecture tour to India, after participating in the Juhu Beach Laughter Club at the Arabian seaside in Mumbai. In India, Laughter clubs were referred to as ‘Hasya Yoga’.

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