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Patient Companion Program

The SeniorAge Patient Companion Program is a new program that allows a senior meet in advance  to prepare before thier medical visit. The Patient Companion will attend the appointment with the senior patron to take notes and to ensure the senior maximizes the time with the medical professionals, Assist the senior with implementation of physician recommendations: arranging prescriptions, understanding other guidance, etc. If the senior signs a waiver agreement form, the Companion will help call the designated representative (next of kin, etc.) to discuss the senior’s appointment.


What do Patient Companions do?

·  Accompany qualifying seniors to medical appointments

·  Provide relational and emotional support for the patrons

·  Take notes and record instructions from the medical professional

·  Help patrons and medical professional communicate more effectively

What do participating seniors receive?

·  An assessment to determine eligibility for this and many other programs

·  Help with making medical appointments

·  Help with arranging transportation, if needed

·  Pairing with a trained, confidential, background checked partner

·  Enhanced interaction with medical staff

·  Improved implementation of medical care recommendations

·  “Above and beyond” service - the kind of care associated with SeniorAge!

What do medical staff members and clinics / hospitals receive?

·  Increased likelihood of patient compliance with recommendations

·  Decreased recidivism for unnecessary extra appointments or readmissions

·  A trusted advocate reinforcing and supporting care directives

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·, 417-868-9520

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