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New Volunteer Patient Companion Program Underway

March 2, 2020 / News

Volunteers now have a unique opportunity to share their compassion with seniors, and seniors don’t have to go it alone! The Patient Companion Program, launched this month by SeniorAge, pairs volunteers with qualifying seniors who need assistance going to medical appointments. Companions accompany clients to doctor visits and play an active role in taking notes and record instructions from the medical professional.  They also may help the client and medical professional communicate more effectively as well as provide emotional support for the patrons. 

Senior recipients in the Patient Companion Program receive an assessment to determine eligibility for this and other SeniorAge programs and services such as making medical appointments and arranging transportation.  If eligible, patients are paired with a trained volunteer who has received a background check and signed confidentiality forms.  With this unique paring, the patient receives enhanced interaction with medical staff, improved implementation of medical care recommendations, and above and beyond service - the kind of passionate care associated with SeniorAge. 

On the other end of service, medical staff have an increased likelihood of patient compliance and understanding of recommendations, decreased probability for unnecessary extra appointments and readmissions, as well as a trusted advocate reinforcing and supporting health care directives. 

If you are interested in becoming a Patient Companion, or if you are a senior needing assistance, contact SeniorAge at 417-862-0762. Visit our website at for more information. 

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