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MORx Prescription Drug Plan to End for Many Seniors

June 23, 2017 / News

The Missouri Department of Social Services recently notified thousands of Missourians that the MORx prescription drug assistance program will expire as of June 30, 2017. At this time, the notice applies to approximately 60,000 Missouri seniors who were eligible for the program under established Medicare guidelines. For people who were eligible for the MORx program under BOTH Medicare AND Medicaid guidelines, the situation is less clear. Here’s why.

Earlier this year, the Missouri Legislature passed a bill that would reauthorize the MORx program and would allow dual eligible 
recipients to continue using the program. That bill, however, has not yet been signed into law by the Governor. If he signs it, dual eligible participants will continue to have access to this important program. If he doesn’t sign the bill, it will become law without his signature and the program will continue to be available – but only for people who meet both Medicare AND Medicaid guidelines. If the Governor vetoes the bill, the entire program will expire and NO ONE will have access to this program. The Governor has until sometime in August to make his decision on this important piece of legislation – and the Area Agencies on Aging will continue to monitor the status of this bill throughout the summer.

If you are among the group who will lose this important benefit, you may be eligible for some alternative assistance programs. If you are not sure if you will continue to qualify, or if you are not sure about your options, the Area Agency on Aging nearest you can 
provide you with important information about your situation.

The Area Agencies will continue to advocate for this important program and will ask the Missouri Legislature to restore full access for the MORx program when the next legislature convenes in January. Until then, we will 
continue to provide you with important 
information that can help you find programs that are best suited to your unique health 
situation. Healthcare access is important to 
everyone – particularly Missouri’s seniors. Let us know if we can help you help yourself to lead a healthy and independent life.

We encourage you to contact the Governor’s office to express your concerns.
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