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In Home Services

Short-Term Care

Short-term home care services can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of months while someone is recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. In these instances, home care is a beneficial temporary solution. For example, many home care agencies offer special short-term services to help seniors make a smooth transition from the hospital back to their homes.

Depending on the senior’s needs, one or more professional caregivers may be assigned. A “custodial caregiver” can provide unskilled assistance with activities of daily living and household tasks like bathing, dressing, mobility, laundry and preparing meals. Ensuring that a loved one is getting their medications and groceries and that they do not have to see to chores will help them recuperate faster.

Skilled care may be provided in the home for dressing wounds, dispensing medications, monitoring vital signs, or providing physical, speech, or occupational therapies. For example, following a stroke, a visiting physical therapist might be needed on a short-term basis to help a senior regain their balance and coordination. Once your loved one has recovered, these services will no longer be needed.

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