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Here is a list of useful links from reputable websites regarding the CoronaVirus and similar. Check back periodically as we will continue to add links in this area that may be of use in protecting yourself from this illness.

8. Cox Health Virtual Medical Screening
To be evaluated, individuals should simply use code COVID when beginning a Virtual Visit. This service is available to anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, which include a fever, cough and respiratory distress. Patients at risk may also have traveled to areas with widespread disease. If a provider feels a patient should be tested, he or she will make a referral so that the testing may be conducted.
Virtual Visits are available to anyone, regardless of insurance or ability to pay, aligning with public health goals of keeping the disease from spreading throughout the community. This approach also prevents the spread of illness in medical facilities, and protects the local health care workforce so they can be ready to help those who need assistance.
9. Social Security Recipients who do not file taxes will automatically receive stimulous checks. Find out more here.

10. Staying Safe at Home During the CoronaVirus Crisis flyer Download


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