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One Incident Away - Real Stories of Real Seniors

The federal Older Americans Act (OAA) is an important safety net for individuals who are at risk economically, medically, and socially. Under this act, Area Agencies on Aging are the local organizations charged with designing and funding systems that prolong independent, meaningful life at home and within communities—avoiding institutional care.

Several factors can create a higher risk for losing an independent life style and possibly being admitted to institutional care. MA4 and the Missouri Area Agencies on Aging have created a new campaign - ONE INCIDENT AWAY -  that tells the real life stories of individuals who have benefited from the services of their local Area Agency and afforded the opportunity to remain in their own homes where they wished to be.

You can read their stories below.

This week’s featured story demonstrates how things can change deamatically when a loved one dies or whne eligibility rules change when your lifestyle changes. Just ask Mary, a caregiver and diabetic whose whole situation changed when her husband passed away.  CLICK HERE TO READ HER STORY.



1 Meals Make the Difference

2 We're Here When Nobody Else Is

3 When the Unexpected Happens

4 Never Give Up Hope

5 Senior Centers Make the Difference

6 We're Here to Listen

7 Home Visit Saves Lives

8 Senior Center Provides Needed Help

9 Senior Center Provides Options for Healthy Living

10 Senior Centers Provided Place for Social Acceptance

11 Finding Programs the Help

12 Nutritious Meals Keep Seniors at Home

13 Unique Programs the Help Seniors

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