SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging

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Advisory Board

The SeniorAge Advisory Council is appointed annually by our Board of Directors, in compliance with federal regulations. This council submits recommendations to the board. A diversity of consumers, service providers, elected officials, and minorities serve on this board.

2022-23 Advisory Board Members

  • Chairperson: Diane Gallion--Christian County
  • Vice Chairperson: John Conleuy--Greene County

  • James Clemmons--Greene County
  • Chuck Wooten--Greene County
  • Peggy Horn--Greene County
  • Ron Clark--Greene County
  • Arlie Rotenberry--Greene County
  • Kathryn PInkley--Greene County
  • John Walker--Christian County
  • Brad Eldridge--Greene County
  • Victor DaMommio--Greene County

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